Agricultural research council biotechnology plaltform

Located on the Agricultural Research Council's Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute campus, the Biotechnology Platform (ARC-BTP) was established in 2010 as a major strategic priority of the ARC. The role of the ARC-BTP is to create the high-throughput resources and technologies required for applications in genomics, quantitative genetics, marker assisted breeding and bioinformatics within the agricultural sector. The focus of the ARC-BTP is to establish itself as both a research and service driven institution, providing an environment in which highly skilled researchers can be hosted and trained. The technologies established within the platform are accessible as services to the ARC, collaborators, companies, science councils and researchers across the continent.

Available platforms:

  • Three next generation illumina sequencers, a HiSeq2500 and two MiSeq systems

  • Hamilton star Plus for high throughput nucleic acid extractions

  • Infinium bead chip technology for SNP genotyping

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