CenGen - Plant and Pathogen Genomic Services

CenGen offers various genomic related services to plant breeders, producers and agricultural-related industries. The focus is to implement and utilise high-throughput molecular technologies in various applications involving crop and horticultural plants as well as fungi (e.g. wheat, barley, maize, grapevine, citrus, deciduous fruit- and nut trees, truffles and a range of plant pathogens).

CenGen customises each experimental layout in terms of size and specificity according to every client’s needs.

Applications include:

  • Cultivar identity determinations and purity testing using DNA fingerprinting techniques

  • Confirmation of the presence or absence of specific genes to assist in selection of breeding lines (marker-assisted selection)

  • Confirmation of correct species’ identity in the case of Tuber (truffles) before inoculating trees for truffle production.

  • CenGen is also involved in Research and Development through their involvement in various academic research projects.


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