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#FollowTheScience - Episode 10
Combatting the Fake News around COVID-19

This week’s episode is the final instalment of our ten-part video series. We explore the best ways to identify and combat the fake news and myths out there about COVID-19 and the vaccines, as illustrated over the last nine weeks.  It is so important to keep yourself and those around you safe and informed with the correct information.  Don’t believe everything you hear and make sure that the information you do engage with is factual and based on accurate scientific research.


It is our hope that this ten-part video series will reach a much wider proportion of the South African population and encourage the public to switch off the fake news and share information based on the facts instead. #FollowTheScience #FactsNotFear #vaccineeducation #omics #immunity #mythbuster #vaccinesafety #variants #vaccinessavelives #covid19 #staysafesavelives #Factsoverfiction

Watching #FollowTheScience Episode 10
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