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Genomics Data

It has become a requirement of publication to make the data generated for publication, publicly available. There are several genomic data repositories for data deposition. These data are processed, compiled, and made accessible via genome browsers. Omics experiments often rely heavily on available data as a starting point. Sometimes it may even be possible to make use of existing data rather than needing to generate new data. The first step in any Omics experiment is therefore to check what data are available.
The two primary genomics databases are the NCBI Genome Database and the Ensemble Genome Database. These databases contain genomes across all kingdoms of organisms. Most of the sequences, though are focused on model organisms. There are already thousands of organisms for which we have genomic sequences, as well as thousands of human genomes. There are also several databases for specific purposes like the cancer genome databases, that focus on genomes of a variety of cancers.

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Genome browser for vertebrate genomes.


NCBI's databases of genome sequences, maps, chromosomes, assemblies and annotations.


1000 Genomes

Largest public catalogue of human variation and genotype data.


Genomes of microbes, fungi algae and plants.


NCBI Reference Sequence Database:
"A comprehensive, integrated, non-redundant, well-annotated set of reference sequences including genomic, transcript, and protein."


International Cancer Genome Consotium

Database of human cancer genomes used to unravel the genomic changes in many forms of cancer.


Database of human cancer genomes used to unravel the genomic changes in many forms of cancer.


Annotated Human Gene Database of human genes and transcripts, including splice variants, ncRNA's.


Genetics association study summary level findings gathered from public domain projects.



Encyclopedia of DNA Elements. A comprehensive parts list of functional elements in the human genome.


NCBI's database of human genomic structural variation.


Global Alliance for Genomics and Health.

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