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Genomics Labs

Genomic sequencing services are available at numerous local labs. There are several DNA sequencers spread out across the country. These facilities offer high-quality data generation and analysis capacity, with expert assistance at competitive prices. Contact our help centre or the providers in your area to discuss your needs.

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Western Cape

The Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR) is a non-profit organisation providing state-of-the-art ‘Omics’ services to the life science and biotech communities in South Africa.

CPGR services include Genotyping, Cytogenetic Analysis, DNA-SEQ, RNA Sample Preparation, Expression Profiling, miRNA Profiling and RNA Sequencing.

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Western Cape

The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) was established in 1969 with a mandate to improve the health of the country’s population, through research, development and technology transfer, so that people can enjoy a better quality of life. The scope of the organisation’s research projects includes tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular and non-communicable diseases, gender and health, and alcohol and other drug abuse. With a strategic objective to help strengthen the health systems of the country – in line with that of the Department of Health, the SAMRC constantly identifies the main causes of death in South Africa. SAMRC offers the latest sequencing technology and a cutting-edge facility design.

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The Agricultural Research Council is a premier science institution that conducts research with partners, develops human capital and fosters innovation to support and develop the agricultural sector.

Available platforms:
•  Three next generation illumina sequencers, a HiSeq2500 and two MiSeq systems
•  Hamilton star Plus for high throughput nucleic acid extractions
•  Infinium bead chip technology for SNP genotyping

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Kwa-Zulu Natal

Challenging status quo & creating a scientific environment that drives innovation & reverses brain drain.

Available platforms:
•  Illumina (MiSeq, NextSeq, HiSeq)
•  Thermo Fischer S5 Ion
•  Sanger sequencing 
•  Oxford Nanopore Minlon


Western Cape

CenGen offers various genomic related services to plant breeders, producers and agricultural-related industries. The focus is to implement and utilise high-throughput molecular technologies in various applications involving crop and horticultural plants as well as fungi (e.g. wheat, barley, maize, grapevine, citrus, deciduous fruit- and nut trees, truffles and a range of plant pathogens).

CenGen customises each experimental layout in terms of size and specificity according to every client’s needs.projects.


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Western Cape

The CAF DNA Sequencer Unit at Stellenbosch University offers both Sanger and 

Next Generation sequencing services along with 

DNA fragment analysis. Students, researchers and industry can make use of the services.


Capillary Sequencing and Fragment Analysis

•  Post-PCR Cleanup 

•  Dye Terminator Sequencing  

•  Capillary Electrophoresis of Sequenced Products  

•  Capillary Electrophoresis of DNA Fragments 

•  SNP Genotyping

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) 

•  Sample QC Assessment : Qubit 4.0 | LabChip GX | BioAnalyzer  

•  Ion S5 

•  Data analysis |  Training | Consultation

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