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Vaccination reduces need for emergency care in breakthrough COVID-19 infections:
A Multicenter Cohort Study

Scientific research depends on an established peer review system to ensure accuracy, integrity and reliability of published research outputs. Sometimes, though, research results need to reach the public domain quickly as in the case of the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. 


bioRxiv is a preprint server for biology and medicine, operated by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and funded by the Chan and Zuckerberg Foundation.  

Diplomics will occasionally post from bioRxiv, and similar sources, timely and relevant works that we think have public benefit value, or otherwise highlight Omics research in South Africa.

Authors: Amit Bahl, Steven Johnson, Gabriel Maine, Martha, Hernandez Garcia, Srinivasa Nimmagadda, Lihua Qu, Nai-Wei Chen

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