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Our Key Roles


Spatial Transformation

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Supporting the Next Generation of Omics Scientists

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Advanced Training

Omics technologies require skilled scientists and technicians. DIPLOMICS supports advanced training in operating and maintaining Omics instruments and in data analysis by providing access to specialised courses and workshops.

We fund training for lab technicians on instruments, bioinformatics, new technologies and software. We also support training for students, researchers, and scientists beyond the network, especially in PDI institutions.

Since 2017, we have invested 6.1 million in training.

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Supporting the Creation of Innovative Services

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Information & Intelligence

DIPLOMICS is a central portal for access to information on Omics resources and opportunities and supports Omics policymakers, practitioners and end-users. DIPLOMICS gathers information and data that enables stakeholders to identify key areas for intervention. 

For example:

  • Provide a bird’s eye view of the Omics industry

  • Avoid instrument redundancy

  • Improve accessibility to students and researchers

  • Study and assess socioeconomic impacts

  • Organise and streamline the South African Omics market

  • Minimise the ‘monopoly effect’ of Omics suppliers in South Africa

  • Understand global trends in Omics research

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Laboratory Infrastructure Support

Omics scientists use sophisticated and costly instruments. DIPLOMICS provides support to our partner laboratories by deploying the latest equipment, working with industry to provide comprehensive maintenance and service contracts, and installing laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

Since 2017, we have invested R56.4m in Lab Infrastructure Support.

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