Working groups


  • Tulio de Olivera (KRISP) (Chair)

  • Farai Muchadeyi (ARC)   

  • Carel van Heerden (CAF)

  • Dirk Swanevelder (ARC)

  • Craig Kinnear (SAMRC)

  • Bianca Sansom (SAMRC)

  • Arshad Ismail (NICD)

  • Renée Prins (CENGEN)

  • Jennifer Giandhari (KRISP) (Coordinator)

  • Desiree Petersen (CPGR) (Coordinator)

Proteomics and Metabolomics

  • Jonathan Blackburn (UCT) (Chair)

  • Grant Maasdorp (NWU)

  • Stoyan Stoychev (CSIR)

  • Liam Bell (CPGR) (Coordinator)

  • Previn Naicker (CSIR) (Coordinator)

  • Chris Vorster (NWU)


  • Nicky Mulder (UCT) (Chair)

  • Scott Hazelhurst (WITS)

  • Alan Christoffels (UWC)

  • David Tabb (SUN)

  • Eduan Wilkinson (KRISP)

  • Patrick Charls (MRC)

  • Paidamoyo Kachambwa (CPGR) (Coordinator)

At the core of the DIPLOMICS network are the three working groups representing the sub-domains of genomics, proteomics & metabolomics, and bioinformatics.


The structure of the working groups includes senior, experienced scientists from academia, science councils and private enterprises, all of whom volunteer their time. They work closely with DIPLOMICS management that includes paid coordinators who are also domain experts.


As experts in their fields, the working group members provide vital information on infrastructure gaps and their potential solutions. Working closely with DIPLOMICS management as well as the vendor community, we collectively develop interventions such as; buying and deploying instruments, training programs for technicians, service and maintenance contracts and showcasing new technologies.


The working groups provide information on activities (e.g., current market demands), trends and future opportunities in Omics. The working groups also provide information on the challenges they face in competing in a global Omics market place, such as pricing, perception of quality and turnaround time.


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